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River Spirit Retreat - Our Guests Speak for Themselves!


Deep in the heart of the Ozarks is a cabin close to a river dotted with lichen covered boulders near emerald green pools of water. A few days spent in this place of renewal can provide much rest and quiet. It is truly a reference point in my soul for the beauty of the earth, the quiet needed for personal growth, and the transformation of the spirit. --Susan

From the Arkansas Gazette: 'Primitive Luxury Serenity of Nature with the comfort of home Ann Lasater has created River Spirit Retreat on the Little Buffalo River near Jasper specifically for the soul who wants wilderness, wandering, AND a hot tub before bed. Lasater’s guest retreat offers unimpeded solitude on miles of remote wilderness trails with the luxury of a heated cabin at the end of the day. Beats wrestling a tent in a cold, windy thunderstorm.' --Zan Jarvis

Welcome to River Spirit - a Place of Renewal for Body, Mind and Spirit Indulge in the Restorative Powers of Nature

From Dance of the Soul, written by Judy Blazek:
Take a deep breath of fresh mountain air as you begin your descent into the Little Buffalo River Valley towards River Spirit Retreat. A unique feature of River Spirit is the combination of its remote location with the simple luxury of its accommodations such as wood fires and an outdoor hottub. River Spirit is a perfect place to relax and just “be”, or one can take advantage of the many classes offered….There are private swimming holes and miles of hiking trails on or near the property. Horseback riding can be arranged and River Spirit is only a short drive from a canoe trip on the Big Buffalo River. For those who are interested in delicious cuisine, one meal a day can be delivered to the privacy of your cottage. Ease your stress level upon arrival with a deeply relaxing massage. With 27 years of experience in a multitude of bodywork therapies and a licensed massage therapist, Ann Lasater, creator of River Spirit, also offers sessions in a variety of other healing modalities.
Ann will enjoy helping you custom design a retreat for a stay that is personally meaningful, rejuvenating, or just plain fun.

The beauty of the hills, the animals, the wonderful sounds, not to mention Ann’s nurturing massage work, food(delicious), and this healing environment she has created have all worked to ease my life at a most stressful time. I look forward to coming back many times. --Susan G.

To all those who pass this way between now and our return, enjoy this serence and tranquil place. For us it is a place of living, loving, learning: A place where we have learned more about ourselves, each other and ultimately others. This land and its caretakers are conducive to healing “what ails you”. Partake!!! --Brad

Swimming Among Boulders at our River Retreat Many Paths - One Mountain

I don’t really know how to put my weekend into words, but I do know I had a wonderful time. The feelings are real and desirable and I’m not going to analyze them but just take them with me. It doesn’t feel like home. It is home and I’m glad I didn’t have my wish of what the time here would be like granted, because I would have cheated myself. --Bo

The touch of the cool pools of spring water and sound of the rolling river was healing and rejuvenating. Each wild flower in its unique brilliance greeted us along our path each day, and by night we gazed upon a starlit sky and mountain vista immersed in a hot tub. --Ada

This truly has been a memorable honeymoon. Your land is beautiful and very healing. It has been a very symbolic start for my and Michael's relationship. --Robin and Michael

Thanks for four of the best days of my life. You have created a really beautiful oasis in this hectic world. The peace and beauty are glorious. The meals were great. The flowers, birds, fish, frogs, and trees were superb. However, the best part was your enabling me to discover more of myself. --Randy

River Spirit Retreat...thoughtful... extra touch. Beautiful River Retreat - Icy Stream

What a blessed refreshing snow that has allowed us extra time to heal and relax. I leave with a new vision and with hope. --Angela

Thank you for an amazing place to be. We all feel certain that this was our first visit of many. The kids loved the swimming, hiking and rock climbing and are fast friends with the beautiful children down the road. I got the soul searching time I needed and Daniel got the mountain “fix” he craved. Thank you, too, for the introduction to Lomi massage. --Paula

I came here to celebrate my 50th birthday in a thoughtful manner. I was also looking for something I had lost along the way. By slowing down in this magical place, I was able to regain the reverance for the simple acts of daily life. --Janet

Beltane night, the tree frogs chorus, and the coyotes yip and sigh under a near full moon. Friend, if you’ve come to this place, you might be in need of a little spiritual heart surgery, an opening, a beginning again. Congratulations, for you have found a place where Mother Earth has opened her womb and Life has spilled forth in abundance. Come, open, Listen, Remember.
P.S. Get the bodywork, it speeds up the process!! --Jud

We so enjoyed the fresh cut flowers, the deep massages, the gentle hot tub and all the other myriad other ways that you have created such a loving, nurturing space here. The attention to detail was noticed. --Denise

Just what was needed for my body and my soul as I begin my Sabbatical. It is the perfect place to let go and to “be”, so much beauty. I’m glad I was led to come here – and now I have something wonderful to tell my weary women soul-sisters about. --Trudy

Though the roads seemed to be less traveled upon first arrival and the rivers and creeks rose to greet us – finding this space in the woods of Murray Valley has been one of the more incredulous experiences that I have had. --Deirdre

The magic is alive and well here. --Stan

What a very magical and special place you have here. It's been grounding and healing being here. Just what my daughters and I needed.

One daughter: It was wonderful and peaceful. It brightened up my inner soul. I felt safe and happy out here. --Megan

Other daughter: Your place is the most of the most. I don’t think I could pick a better spot. The energy is just so strong. --Molly

Refresh ...on the Little Buffalo River, Newton County, Arkansas USA Set your own pace at River Spirit Retreat!

Thanks for sharing your piece of “Heaven on Earth” with those of us who fight traffic every day. A few days by the water and I can almost forget what cars sound like! Andy and I will benefit from sharing this peaceful time together, and my friends and patients will benefit from my ability to return rested and able to give more. We hope to be back to see the other seasons in Buffalo River Country. --Carol

This has been a much needed time for us. I have gained peace of mind and feel a renewal within myself. The healing energy of this land is priceless. --Michael

Thank you for having a place of quiet for those of us who live daily in chaos. The silence was stunning! The guest house was perfect! I have only been here two days but feel like I’ve been away from that other place of confusion for a hundred years! Rob and I got to spend undistracted time together. The horseback adventure was all I could have wished. --Ellie

I did not expect this weekend to be as peaceful and rejuvenating as it was. Your cabin was absolutely comfortable and both Li and I were amazed at the solitude, serenity, and beauty in the area surrounding your cabins. We appreciate all the small things you and your friends did for us to make us feel warm and welcome. --Beena

6 golden colored days
5 peace filled rest-filled nights --Beth

We had a wonderful, relaxing anniversary at River Spirit Retreat. The hospitality was wonderful. We felt both included and allowed our privacy. --Louise

Thank you so much for your hospitality. We were lucky to find such a beautiful place. I am awestruck at the beauty of this place. I have never felt more close to nature or more aware of my place in it. --Paul


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